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  • poniedziałek 19 grudnia, 2011

    Young people love paper

    How encouraging it was to see during European Paper Week the results of a survey, conducted by CEPI, of 740 European people aged 16 to 26, which show that young people use and value paper. Not only did we see that around 70% prefer the paper versions of newspapers, and that the corresponding number for magazines is 67%, but that for the things which really matter such as love notes and birthday cards the numbers are around 90%.

    Be sure to watch CEPI’s animation showing the key results from the study below.

    The highlight of the presentation came at the end when four young people came on stage to discuss in more detail their attitudes towards paper-based products, including packaging. They concluded that it is the aesthetic appeal of paper, its inherent sustainability and a link with a better quality of life that mean paper-based products will always have a valuable role to play.

    Watch CEPI’s animation here.